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​Photo Shoot Check List
Your efforts will make a huge difference in your home's appeal to potential buyers


  • De-clutter to maximize the appearance of spaciousness. Leave only larger décor items like vases and bowls
  • De-personalize by removing family photos and memorabilia. It helps buyers see themselves in their new home.
  • Windows and mirrors photograph best when clean and streak-free.
  • Lighting – check for and replace all dead bulbs. We shoot with every light on!
  • Ceiling fans off, but ceiling fan lights on, please.
  • Floor mats and door mats should be removed for the shoot.

    Living Room & Family Room:

  • Remove remote controls, portable phones, toys, and other small, distracting items.


  • Dishes, pots, and pans should be cleaned and stored. Sink should be empty and clean.
  • Sponges, dish soap, and hand towels should be out of sight.
  • Countertops need to be cleared and clean and appliances need to sparkle.
  • Countertop appliances – leave your 2 or 3 nicest ones out, please store the rest.
  • Remove floor mats.
  • Refrigerator doors must be free of all photos, magnets, notes and stickers.

    Home Offices and Workrooms:

  • Papers, files, bills, notes, magazines, memorabilia all need to be stored.
  • De-clutter all surfaces. Please stow cords out of sight where possible.
  • Organize what you can't store, but remove as much as you can.


  • Beds should be freshly made.
  • Store toys and remove personal items like family photos.
  • Clear nightstands and dressers of remotes, portable phones, and other small items.


  • Towels should be fresh, neatly folded and draped, and color coordinated.
  • Shower doors, sinks, and countertops should be squeaky clean.
  • Shampoo, soap, razors, brushes, and all personal toiletries should be hidden.
  • Remove floor mats.


  • Remove cars from driveway and front of house.
  • Store garbage and recycling containers in garage or out of sight.
  • Sweep walks and store garden hoses out of sight.
  • The lawn should be recently mowed.
  • Remove covers from hot tubs and in-ground swimming pools. Store pool tools.


  • Active pets like to be in the picture. Please find a quiet place for them.
  • Pet food bowls, bedding, litter boxes and toys should be stored out of sight.